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All Hail the Cheat Meal

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So, I’m addicted to sugar. I have a HUGEEEE sweet tooth. My idea of a balanced diet used to be a Krispy Creme donut in each hand, lol. I must admit that one of the hardest parts of my fitness journey was learning how to control my cravings.  In the beginning, I cut out every food I love, and for the first three months, I even denied myself a weekly cheat meal. I was a woman on a mission and the tunnel vision was so strong. But after three months of trying to be She-Hulk, I looked in the mirror and noticed I didn’t see any results from all the sacrificing I’d been doing. Don’t get me wrong, I did lose about 22 pounds of fat, but I still hadn’t reached my body goal. I didn’t have tons of sexy lean muscle, and I wasn’t much slimmer either. I mean how long do I really have to go without having refined sugar to LOOK GOOD??!!! I realized, after doing research, that eating cheat meals would actually accelerate my progress instead of prolonging it.  Cheat meals reduce cravings, remind you that you’re human, and motivate you to keep going!

Reduce Cravings!  

Having a weekly cheat meal allows you to get all your cravings out for the week without working against you. I suggest, as your week progresses, that you take note of the food you’re craving the most. If you think of the same food at least twice during the week, it’s your mind telling you what it’s missing.  Be sure to eat the exact food you’re craving so that the craving is satisfied. This meal should end up being more satisfying because you have a fresh palette and you feel good about eating it because it was earned. Once you’ve satisfied your craving, you must get right back to following your food program, so you will continue to progress.


Be Human!

I mean come on, do you really think that all these fitness models NEVER cheat on their diet? Of course they do! I hate the way social media inspirations make it seem like they are always perfect. Always 100% hitting their diet. And truth be told, it has been proven that every 7-14 days having a higher carb intake (for a meal) can actually speed up your metabolism. Cheat meals help replenish your Leptin & Ghrelin levels.  Huh?  Basically, that means they re-balance your hormones! Leptin helps you suppress your appetite and Ghrelin is what increases your appetite. Fat loss or muscle gain is ALLLL about keeping your hormones in check, especially as a female. The minute I learned this, two things happened. Well, first I had a lot of donuts, lol! Finally! But seriously, then I realized that cheat meals lower my chances of burning out!


Keep Going!

When it comes to eating healthy, the name of the game isn’t who can eat the cleanest. It’s about who can eat the most well balanced the longest. Trying to be bodybuilder strict with your diet will simply make you burn out in 90 days and leave you in a roller coaster ride for results. So, for those of you reading this, whatever foods you are addicted to and just love, you don’t have to give them up; instead, you should eat them in moderation. You must understand that moderation is the key to maintaining your body goals while still enjoying the delicious foods you love.   For those of you who are depriving yourself of foods to reach your goals, Boo you are doing the MOST! You work hard, so you deserve a treat every now and then—go ahead and treat yourself.

Most importantly, remember this is a marathon not a race. The key to your fitness journey is evolving and learning as you go. I know I sure have!

  • {Bites donut}… oh you are still here…. Bye! <3

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