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Please note: Meal plans do not support vegetarian/vegan Lifestyles.


Fully custom macronutrients –  A thorough breakdown of the percentage (or grams) of each nutrient (protein, carbs, fat) that you need to consume each day in order to reach your goals.

Additional Macro Update  An update that consist of the adjustment of your previously customized macronutrients.  As you work towards your goals, it may be necessary to adjust your macro percentages.

Macro Log Spreadsheet   An excel spreadsheet provided that you will use to record what you’re eating.  

Bulk Food Guide  A guide that discusses how to structure your macros & teaches you how to eat based on your goals.

Nutritional Label/Food Scale Tutorial – Instruction about how to read nutritional labels and how to use your food scale.

Weekly Cheat Meal  The one meal you get to each week that does not have to adhere to your macro guidelines.

[fitmelle_training_select toggle_style=”default” accordion=”true” default_open=”true” num_plan_types=”2″ tab_style=”default” alignment=”center” spacing=”side-20px” tab_color=”Accent-Color” style=”default” category=”” columns=”1″ plan_type_name_1=”Diet Only Plans” plan_type_1_product_ids=”4652,4863,4864″ plan_type_name_2=”Diet & Training Plans” plan_type_2_product_ids=”4866,4867,4868″ plan_type_desc_1=”These 3-month programs focus on gaining healthy weight by building lean muscle mass. Please keep in mind that to achieve maximum results, you want to choose a plan that you want to include a strength training regimen.” plan_type_desc_2=”These 3-month programs focus on gaining healthy weight by building lean muscle mass. This Program will offer training in conjunction to a proper diet for maximum results.”]
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