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We live in a social media society where it seems the Insta -Thots that flood my timeline all have the exact same body shape. Maybe there is this secret diet and training program that they are all doing to look this way? Ha! Yeah, right!

Reality is we are drawn to certain people based on the body shape they have and often think if I do the exact same training and diet program they are on then I will overtime look just like them. If you have ever felt this way, then the biggest fitness game has been played on you.

Genetics determines your body shape and it’s important that you understand, no matter how many prep meals you consume or squats you do, you can only alter what is within your genetic makeup. Although this is a very tough pill for many people to swallow, it’s best that you understand what is ACTUALLY possible versus what ISN’T. I want to educate you on the most common body shapes.  Hopefully, you’ll find comfort in how you were beautifully made and see health and fitness as a way to naturally discover the TRUE shape of your body.

Let’s find out your current body shape!

Pear-Body Shape

  • Larger lower bodies and small upper bodies
  • Hips are much wider than the shoulders
  • Typically, will have smaller bust line and flat stomach
  • Weight is gained below the waist naturally while keeping a tiny upper body frame

Spoon Body Shape

  • Similar to pear shape
  • Hips are larger than bust
  • Defined waist
  • Tendency to have love handles
  • Prone to gaining weight in the stomach area.

Apple-Body Shape

  • Top half of body is bigger than lower half
  • Stomach is larger than other body parts
  • Slim hips
  • When weight it gained it stores on the stomach and lower back

Hourglass- Body Shape

  • Well-proportioned upper and lower body
  • Narrow waist.
  • Weight is naturally gained in the chest and hip areas.
  • Naturally Curvy

Ruler/Banana Body Shape

  • Build is straight up and down.
  • No big differences between the size of the hips, waist and shoulders.
  • Easily maintains slimmer arms and legs.
  • Weight is gained in the stomach and back areas

Diamond Body Shape

  • Small and well-defined arms.
  • Hips are broader than busts and shoulders.
  • Stomach is usually undefined and is the widest part of the body.
  • Most of the weight carried is in the upper part of the legs.
  • The lower part of the legs is defined and shaped well.
  • Weight is gained in the stomach, back, hips and butt areas.

Oval/Egg Body Shape

  • Large bust
  • Narrow hips
  • Carry weight in your stomach area
  • Easily gain weight in your stomach, back and upper body areas.
  • Waist is the widest part of the body and is undefined. You have a
  • Full, shorter neck and fuller face.
  • Legs are best feature.

Inverted Triangle Body Shape

  • Proportionally larger upper body.
  • Broad (athletic shoulders naturally),
  • Large bust and wider back.
  • Small butt
  • Slim hips
  • Prone to gaining weight in the stomach and lower back area.
  • Beautiful legs and it’s your best asset.

Lollipop Body Shape

  • Similar to inverted triangle
  • Smaller bust
  • Very long gorgeous legs
  • Weight is typically gained in the upper body area.


Keep in Mind

It is important that you understand that body shape and body type are two completely different things. Both of these factors play a role into your genetic background. Body shape refers to the silhouette of your body and body type refers to your body’s metabolism. Both of these factors play a huge role in  how you look and will look on your road to getting fit.

Be Realistic

If you are ruler shaped understand that you will not be able to naturally become an Hourglass. It doesn’t matter how much muscle you gain; it just doesn’t work that way “naturally”! You can’t alter genetics unless you are on steroids or get surgery. If you are pear shaped and you want a more athletic build, there isn’t anything you can do to make your upper body more dominant or to a have smaller hip line.

Be Smart

Now that you understand the huge role genetics plays in how a person looks, you should no longer feel the need to compare your body to others that have a different genetic makeup than you. The only person you need to compare yourself to, is the you from the day before so that you can monitor how your body is improving.  Try to find comfort in being the best YOU, you can be.


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