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Hi- there! Welcome to a safe place. I wanted to create a place just for you. A place that can help with the fears and anxieties that come with starting a new lifestyle within health and fitness.  I remember how I felt when I started my new beginning, it was scary as hell! Mainly because I started alone, but you don’t have too. I’m going to provide you with the basic information you need, so that you can be confident in starting your new fitness lifestyle.


My goal is to increase your knowledge and confidence while also teaching you how to make a general lifestyle change.  I know that if I can be a safe-haven of truths it will, at the very least, lead you in the right direction regardless to who you decide to work with.   No matter what your long-term fitness goals are, it all starts with a solid foundation. I think we can all agree with that statement. I believe you must first learn the fundamentals if you’re going to create long lasting habits, and I’m excited to help you do so!  So, lets get started!


Beginner Fitness Fundamental #1- Don’t Believe the Hype!

First and foremost, I want you to understand something very important. The fitness industry, especially on social media and infomercials, has lost its way. Of course, there are still honest and ethical trainers out there, but these days people prey upon beginners. They understand that you are not yet knowledgeable about the process of diet and training; therefore, they know that you will be enticed by what you see, and it will sway what you purchase, do and start to believe in. *sigh-


If you hear a trainer say something, research it. Think about the logical facts associated to it and check out multiple sources. When you really analyze a lot of the information you hear, it sounds too good to be true! I’m excited to help you bust the myths you hear and determine what works best for your body.


Beginner Fitness Fundamental #2- It Takes Time

Wouldn’t it be great if we could have an amazing body without actually having to work hard to achieve it? Of course, it would!  Buttttt, if you want long lasting results, you’re going to have to put in the time and effort to get them. The mistake most beginners make is believing that they can achieve the body of their dreams overnight.   I realize there are hundreds of fad diets and workout programs promising instant dream bodies, but just because they promise quick results does not mean they will deliver. In most cases, they don’t deliver and as a result, you’re left feeling sad and as if you’ll never achieve your body goals.  But those feelings aren’t true. The truth is, building muscle and shedding fat takes time. You must understand that a total body transformation isn’t going to take place overnight or within 90-days, but it will happen. With the proper diet and exercise regimen, you will start to see your body change as you move forward with your new fitness lifestyle.    Without understanding that the lifestyle takes time, it will be difficult for you to stay consistent.


Beginner Fitness Fundamental #3- It Takes Consistency

For most of us, no matter what the goal is, consistency is half the battle.   If we don’t feel we’re achieving results, we usually quit and go back to the old habits that led to us wanting to change our body in the first place.   It will not always be easy to stick to your work-out plan and healthier food choices, but it will be worth it.


Being consistent also makes you feel good about yourself.   You feel like you’re making a change for the better and you’ll become proud of it.  This helps to boost your confidence and will cause you to push yourself even harder to achieve your body goals, and it might even inspire someone else to pursue their fitness goals as well.

Beginners often assume that making healthy food choices means never eating chicken wings, French fries, mashed potatoes, hamburgers, and other fattening but delicious dishes. This is a drastic misconception!  You can actually enjoy all the foods you love, just not all at the same time. We will discuss this further in my All Hail the Cheat Meal Blog.


What you must understand is that consistently working out and eating healthy will give you the results you want.  You’ll be able to still enjoy the foods you love while also experiencing the excitement of seeing your body transform.    


Beginner Fitness Fundamental #4- It Should Be Fun!

A lot of newbies to fitness think they should begin their workout routine by mimicking what their friends are doing, but this is not true.  You should choose a work out plan that is both challenging and enjoyable to you. If you enjoy doing it, you’re more likely to continue doing it.   And as we’ve already stated, consistency is a requirement.


Think about the activities you enjoy doing and then decide which ones you want to include in your workout routine.  This can be biking, jogging, Zumba, kick boxing, tennis, swimming, etc. It does not matter if it’s what your friends are doing or if it’s the latest celebrity trend.  All that matters is that you enjoy doing it and that it helps you achieve your goal.


Alright, ladies and gents!   Those are the fundamentals to getting started with a new fitness lifestyle.   Now that you know the basics, take a deep breath, relax, and set a start date.   Once you do that, pat yourself on the back for the commitment you just made. Kudos to you!   I look forward to working with you during your fitness journey.


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  • Adrienne says:

    I love this! I don’t consider myself a newbie, more like… ummm a super,super, super senior.The senior that was supposed to graduate 3 years ago. LOL this is my last remedial class. I need to stop giving up and be consistent. I use to love going to gym but I realized once I stopped going it’s hard to get back. I tend to get to my goal and think “that’s it A, you can stop doing what you are doing now and go back to eating like a pig”. As you can see that doesn’t work for anyone.

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