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Jade stood in her demo kitchen icing the wedding cake that had finally finished cooling.  She inhaled the aroma of the freshly baked cake as she gently began to apply the hand-whipped strawberry icing.

“Excuse me, Mrs. Jade.  I was wondering if I could leave early today.  My little sister is having a dance recital at school and she made me promise I’d be there.”

Jade looked up from the wedding cake and smiled at Cecilia.  She loved how devoted she was to her family.

“Of course, Cecilia.  Tell Marcia to break a leg.”

“I will.  Grazie, Mrs. Jade.”

“Ahhh, how do I say it?”  Jade paused for a moment in deep thought, “Prego, Cecilia,” she said with a smile.

Cecilia has been teaching Jade how to speak Italian for the past month now, ever since Jade decided to surprise Dominic with a trip to Italy for their twelve-year anniversary.

“Oh! Mrs. Jade.  Molto Bene!”  Cecilia clapped her hands, “You remembered to replace an English word with an Italian one.  The more you do that the more fluent you will become!”

“Si`, Cecilia.  I will continue to practice.  Now, go so you’re not late.”

“Yes, Mrs. Jade.  I will tell my family that you said hello.”

“Please do.”

Jade smiled as she returned to her cake.  Cecilia was a good girl.  She was 18 and absolutely positive that being a chef was what she wanted to do with her life.  Jade hired her as an apprentice two years ago and has been pleased with her decision ever since.  In a lot of ways, Cecilia reminded her of herself at that age—young, energetic, focused, and driven.   And that’s why she hired her.  She needed to train someone to run the business so that it didn’t consume her life anymore. Lately, it seemed more like she was married to Delectables and she needed it to feel like she was married to Dominic.

She’d hoped Kenya would want to work with her, but she chose to work for their parents instead.  Jade never understood why she did that. But nobody typically understood Kenya’s actions except for Kenya.  Nonetheless, Jade still needed help.  Delectables was growing along with Jade’s success. Last year her bakery/catering business went global and grossed over 5 million in profit.  People started calling her the Gordon Ramsey of catering.  There’s even talk of her being on his show, but Jade really isn’t interested.  At the age of 35, she’s content with having a successful self-made, self-owned, and debt-free business.  Now, all she needs is a family.  And with Cecilia as her right hand, maybe she’ll finally get the chance to start one.

Cecilia understands Jade and how she wants her business to run. But more importantly, she’s eager to learn and responsible, unlike Kenya who was given all the same opportunities as Jade but refused to utilize any of them.

On the day of Kenya and Jade’s college graduations, the Monroes gave each of their girls ten thousand dollars.  Although Jade received her money twelve years prior to Kenya, they each still received the same amount of money at the same time in their life.  Jade chose to invest hers in her own business while Kenya chose to squander hers away on partying and clothes.   Within a year and a half, she’d spent 90% of her money and had nothing to show for it. Now, Jade thought, she’s got the nerve to ask me for money for a butt lift.  Jade couldn’t believe her sister even had the audacity to ask her for money. Like I worked this hard to throw my money away on foolishness.  Shoot, she should have invested her money instead of wasting it and then she’d be able to afford whatever she wants.  Dummy!

The timer on the oven beeped, beckoning for Jade to remove the chocolate chip cookie cake she was baking for a little boy’s fourth birthday.  She finished the trim on the top layer of the wedding cake and headed over to the oven.  Her demo kitchen was large and spacious just the way she liked it.   The countertops were all white marble and the floors were white as well.  All the seats and fixtures were trimmed with gold.  When Jade removed the cookie cake and closed the oven door, she was unable to ignore the overweight woman staring back at her.

Who is this woman and where did she come from? Jade asked herself. She hardly recognized herself.  She remembered a time when her chef’s uniform used to swallow her. Now she was filling it out like the Pillsbury Doughboy.  How did I let myself get like this?  Oh, yeah! I opened a bakery and continuously ate the delectable treats I was creating each day, all day. 

        “Maybe that was a bad decision,” Jade said out loud still peering at her reflection in the oven door.

“What was a bad decision?”  Dominic asked standing behind her.

“Hey, Babe,” Jade said smiling brightly, “I didn’t even hear you come in.”

“I see,” Dominic replied leaning towards his wife.

Jade leaned in for a kiss but was ignored as Dominic reached past her to grab a cupcake.  She watched as the cupcake kissed him hello instead of her.

“How was your day, Babe?” Jade asked, wiping her hands on a dishrag and throwing it down on the counter.

“It was a usual day at the office.  I’mma head upstairs to watch some TV.”

“But, Babe I needed to talk to you about something.”

Dominic didn’t respond; he just kept walking up the stairs.  Jade called after him two or three times, but he still kept walking.  She stared after his fading silhouette.  She assumed turning her basement into a demo kitchen would bring them closer.  She imagined that being home more would lead to them spending more time together.  She missed how Dominic used to sit in the kitchen with her for hours while she baked.  They’d reminisce about old times, listen to good music, and laugh at each other’s corny jokes.  In short, they used to enjoy each other.  Now, Jade was realizing that there would be no more enjoying each other if she couldn’t even get her husband to talk to her.  Infuriated she stormed up the stairs.  Dominic was laid back in his favorite recliner watching ESPN.

“Dominic, didn’t you hear me calling your name?” Jade asked as she entered the den.  When Dominic heard her voice he frantically dropped his cell phone in his lap.

“Were you on the phone?”

“No, just watching TV.”

Jade felt like he was lying but decided to focus on the topic at hand—their marriage.

“Dominic, I think we need to talk about our relationship.  Lately, I’ve been feeling like—

“Jade, can we not talk about this now.  I’m tired.  I don’t feel like having this conversation.”

Okay, that’s it!  Jade rushed over to the television set and stood directly in front of it.

“Are you kidding me right now! I tell you I want to discuss our marriage and you say you’re too tired like I asked you to discuss redecorating the living room or something.”

“ Jade, you know our marriage is important to me. But my manager and I got into today and I’m tired.

“Well, when won’t you be too tired to talk about your marriage!” she yelled.

“I am not about to have a yelling match with you, Jade.”

“Oh, yes you are!  We’re going to talk about what’s not right in this marriage and we’re going to talk about it now.”

Dominic took a big gulp of his beer before answering his wife.

“Jade, Baby.  I just don’t want to talk about it tonight.  Can we please drop it?”

“No, I’m tired of always dropping it.  We never talk about anything anymore, and it didn’t use to be this way.”

Dominic stared at Jade blankly.  Jade could tell he wanted to say something but couldn’t find the words.

“What is it, Dominic.  Please, just talk to me.”

“Jade, Baby. I—”

Dominic paused as Jade’s phone began to ring   She looked down at her phone to see it was her mother calling.

“It’s Mama, but I can call her back.”

“No, you should take it.  It could be important. This can wait.”

“No! Mama can wait.  We need to talk about this.”

But it was too late.  Dominic, obviously relieved by the interruption, had already resumed watching last night’s basketball highlights. With a sigh, Jade disappointingly answered her mother’s phone call.

“Hi, Mama”

“Hello, Jade.  How are you?”

“I’m fine and you?”

“I’m good, but I’d be even better if I was playing with my grandkids.

“Really, Mama?  We haven’t even been on the phone five minutes and you’re already talking to me about grandkids.  Can’t Dominic and I finish getting established first?”

“Jadey, your business alone grossed 5 million in profit last year and Dominic works at one of the most prestigious brokerage firms in the nation.  I’m sure you’re established enough to start a family.”

“Not in my mind, I’m not.  It’s not just about the money.”

“Then what is it about, Dear?”

“Mama, is this really why you called?”

“Of course not.  It was just worth mentioning.  I’m calling to remind you of our vow renewal ceremony.  Remember, we’re moving it to September 15th instead.”

“Yes, Mama.  We remember, and we’ll be there.  I don’t know how you thought I’d forget.  I’m catering the event, remember?”

“Yes, Dear. I know, but I wanted to make sure you understand that wearing your chef’s uniform all night long is unacceptable.

“Yes, Mama. I know.  I will bring me a beautiful dress to slip into after the party starts.”

“Okay, and remember all couples are required to match.”

“Yes, Mam.  I remember that too.”

“Okay.  Your father and I will see you tomorrow for the sampling session.

“Okay, Mama.  I love you.  See you then.”

“Bye, Dear.  I love you too.”

Jade turned back towards Dominic to find that he was no longer sitting there.  She stood there baffled for a moment until her phone chimed, releasing her from her trance.   It was her ovulation notification.  Her eggs were ready to be poached!  She told herself their argument could wait and hurried upstairs to the shower. Feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, she swayed from side to side as Alina Baraz sung to her. She loved her smooth and soulful voice, so much so that she stayed in the shower, until the water went cold, letting Alina and the water wash all of her inhibitions about her marriage away. Her phone alerted her of a new notification just as she was getting out the shower.

“Hey, Alexa, read me my notifications.”

“Sure. Looks like you have a new notification from Facebook.”

“Thank You, Alexa.”

“My pleasure.”

Jade picked up her phone and viewed the memories.  They were all pictures of her and Dominic. The first set were photos from their engagement party in 2006, followed by photos of their Cancun trip in 2014 and lastly, a photo of them from 2015 on a dinner date at Kanki.  Jade smiled as she scrolled through the photos. They looked so happy together then.  She hadn’t realized that it had been three years since they’d had a date night.  They’d both been so focused on work.  But now it’s time to focus on a family.  Jade wiped the fog off the mirror and began beautifying herself.  As she stared in the mirror, she noticed that the woman staring back at her was at least 25 pounds heavier than the woman in those photos.  She didn’t like what she saw and knew that she couldn’t go to her parent’s vow renewal ceremony looking like this.

She remembered an Instagram handle her Mama had sent her.  Some girl by the name of Fitmelle is focusing on macros, whatever that is, and how to exercise according to your body type.  Jade isn’t sure what her body type is, but she is sure that the plump black girl in the mirror isn’t a body type she wants to claim anymore. “This girl can help you get your shape back, Jadey.  You should contact her.” That’s what Mrs. Monroe had said when she sent Jade the IM about Fitmelle.

Jade was shocked that her mama even knew what Instagram was, but apparently, some of the teenagers from the teen ministry at their church were teaching her mama how to be cool and helped her create an Instagram page.  Now she’s a social media junky!  Jade chuckled.  The image of her mother surfing Instagram looking for fitness gurus was hilarious, but still, she may have provided Jade with the perfect solution to her imperfect body.  Jade vowed to look into Fitmelle tomorrow and refocused her attention on Dominic and their baby making.

She finished beautifying herself and climbed her naked body into bed beside her husband.  Gently kissing him on his back and shoulders, her hands slowly moved down from his chest.  She was hoping to be greeted by more than his strong grasp rendering her hand motionless.

“Baby, I’m really tired.  Maybe tomorrow, Okay.”

Great, he wants to have sex when I’m not ovulating

“Fine, Dominic.  Get some rest,” she said before rolling over and grabbing her phone off the nightstand.

She wanted to lash out at him and demand that he make love to her right that instant, but what good would that do?  Instead, she opened the Instagram app and went to the Fitmelle page. Jade looked through all Fitmelle’s photos and viewed her Insta-stories.  She was impressed, not just by the photos but by the fitness posts that both explained and showed how the Fitmelle weight loss process worked.  She noticed that Fitmelle also offered special group pricing if Jade got someone to sign up with her within the next 72 hours. Immediately she thought about Kenya and how working out could help her get a better booty.

She opened her messaging app and sent Kenya a text about joining this fitness program.

To Kenya: 9:18 pm
Hey, our Mama thinks Fitmelle could help me
get in shape. I’ve been checking out her website
and she seems pretty legit.

From Kenya: 9:19 pm
What does you getting in shape have to do 
with me? I don’t need to lose weight.

Oh, my God!  Jade thought, why am I even trying to help her selfish behind?

From Jade: 9:20 pm
You were asking about a butt lift, which means 
you want a bigger booty. Fitmelle can help you 
build muscle. Just check out her page, please 
@Fitmelle on IG.
And if you want to do it, I’ll pay for it.

From Kenya: 9:28 pm
Ok, I looked at her page.  
I guess she can help.  
Looks like we have to do a lot of the 
work for her though.

Oh, Lord, her lazy behind has already found something to complain about.

From Jade: 9:29 pm
What are you talking about? 
She can’t do the exercises for you.

From Kenya: 9:30 pm
I know that, Jade.Stop talking to me 
like I’m stupid. I was talking about 
the consultation form. It’s a lot of 
questions and then we have to have a 
phone consult to.

Jade scrolled through the questionnaire and shook her head.  It wasn’t a lot of questions at all, and they were all relevant to her fitness goals and habits.   What is wrong with my sister, Jade asked herself.  Lord, help her.

From Jade: 9:31 pm
Believe it or not, Kenya, people actually 
put in work when they’re trying to achieve 
a goal. Sheesh!  
Fitmelle probably needs this info to develop 
our individual fitness plans.  
Look, I said I would pay for it for you.  
The least you can do is commit to doing it, 
especially when it’s your body that you want 
to improve. But do it or don’t do it.  
I really don’t care.  
I’m going to bed.  -Good Night.

From Kenya: 9:34 pm
I didn’t say I didn’t want to do it.   
And I can commit to stuff. All I said 
was that it looked like a lot of work 
to get started. But it’s whatever.  
I’m down.Thanks for paying!  
Good night.

Jade shook her head as she read Kenya’s last text.  Does she really think she’s capable of committing to stuff? Jade asked herself.   She’s never even had a long-term relationship or a long-standing job because, according to Mama, Home Reality does not count.  Jade placed the phone back on the nightstand.  I’m too tired to try and figure Kenya out tonight.  She turned off her reading lamp and closed her eyes.  But her brief interlude with sleep was interrupted by a text from Cecilia.

From: Cecilia 9:45 pm
Ciao, Mrs. Jade. 
I was just checking the online orders.
And we have an order for three dozen 
vanilla-strawberry cupcakes. It’s for 
tomorrow at noon. I will come in at eight, 
instead of twelve, if that’s alright with you?

From Jade: 9:47 pm
Ciao, Cecilia!   
Yes, 8 am will work.  
Thank you for being on top of this!

From: Cecilia 9:48 pm
Prego, Mrs. Jade, 
II piacere è tutto mio.  
That means ‘it’s my pleasure’.

From Jade: 9:49 pm
Ok, I will remember that. ?  
Good Night, Cecilia.

From: Cecilia 9:50pm
Buona notte, Mrs. Jade.

Well, at least I have one person I can depend on, Jade thought.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to depend on Dominic again too.  She laid on her back and thought about how it used to be.  She hoped that her losing weight would make Dominic desire her more and then maybe they could have a baby.  Her mother was right.  They were well over established.  They had millions in their checking and savings, and they didn’t have any debt other than their house payment, and that was by choice for tax purposes.  Yes, Jade thought, I will lose this weight and regain my husband’s affections.  That was her last thought before falling asleep. Meanwhile, Dominic laid beside her, staring at her beauty, wondering how he was going to tell her the truth.

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  • Lynn says:

    lol I love how you are in this storyline FITMELLE!!!!!!

  • Keisha says:

    What is her husband up to??? Omg when is the next one coming out ?

    • Kima LaToya says:

      Hi, Keisha, The next one comes out Wed 10/17 at 6am, and it’s Dominic’s story. Sorry, but you’ll have to wait until then to find out what he’s up too! ? Be sure to share your thoughts with us after you read it!!!!

  • Adrienne says:

    OMG!!! Her husband is cheating on her or emotionally attached to someone else. She is wasting her time with her sister. Kenya is going to waste her Jade’s money.
    I feel Jade is going to get her mind right and stick with the program.

    Now I have to wait until next Wednesday!! 🙁

    • Kima LaToya says:

      Hi, Adrienne!
      Kenya is a mess! Jade’s going to have to have patience with her and her husband for sure. Next week’s post is all about Dom, so you’ll find out what’s going on in that head of his.

  • tammy says:

    Well if that wasn’t a cliff hanger!!! We want to know what’s up with that husband. I like how you slid fitmelle right on in there lol. And I just love lil Cecilia!! And I don’t think Dominic is cheating. I think he either is losing his job or doesn’t want kids…

    • Kima LaToya says:

      Hi, Tammy,
      Cecilia is actually one of my favorite characters to write! I think it’s her innocence that makes her such a good character. As for Dom, you’ll have to wait until next week to see what he’s up too. The next entry is written from his point-of-view! Be sure to check it out next Wednesday.

  • Anita says:

    Omg. I love the twist. Ohh poor Jade. I hope Dominic isn’t turning to be gay lol. I see the light under the tunnel though. Fitmelle & Kenya ohhh I cannot wait to hear about the phone call consultation???.

  • Angie says:

    I am loving this story, it’s a very good storyline and I am anxious to find out what Dominic will say to her..I think he is being unfaithful but we shall see

  • The Real T. RAW says:


  • Candace Darnell says:

    I was super into this read! I love the direction of this story.

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