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Kenya entered the gym at approximately 7:13 am.  Even though she was thirteen minutes late, she felt like Jade should be excited that she showed up.  7 am is to damn early to be coming to the gym, Kenya thought as she headed for the treadmills.  To her surprise, Jade wasn’t warming up on her usual machine.   I know she’s here.  Her X5 is parked outside.  She searched for Jade within the mixture of rock hard abs, puny biceps, muscular triceps, and flabby bellies.  Soon she heard Jade laughing and was surprised to find her all giggly faced with this tall, dark, and chocolate brotha that she’d never seen before. Ummmm….I wonder who Jade’s new friend is.

She watched as Jade flirted with the mystery man.  They’re clearly into each other, she thought watching Jade playfully punched him in the arm.  Wow!  This just keeps getting more delicious.  Dom with his secret rendezvous and Jade with her gym boo.   I guess things aren’t happily ever after in paradise after all.

Kenya strolled over to the squat machine where Jade was flirting herself into oblivion.  Her Brazilian booty length weave was pulled back in a low bun, and she was wearing light make- up, minimal jewelry, a low-cut tank, and some joggers.  Jade was wearing a maroon colored sports tank and her usual mesh leggings with no makeup or wedding ring.

“So, I see I’ve been replaced,” Kenya said walking up and standing with her hands in her pockets.

“Well, that’s what happens when you continuously refuse to show up.”

“There you go exaggerating again.  It hasn’t been continuous. I’ve only missed a few sessions.”

“Yeah, like the last 12, but it’s cool.  Jamel has been helping me train.”

Jade looked away from Kenya and turned towards Jamel.   She looked up at him with a googly-eyed smile that almost made Kenya choke.

“Well, hello, Jamel,” Kenya said turning towards him, “since my sister is too rude to introduce you, hi, I’m Kenya.”

“Nice to meet you, Kenya.  I’m one of the personal trainers here.  I’ve heard a lot about you.”

“All bad I’m sure.”

“Of course not. Your sister speaks very highly of you.”

“Ha!  I hope you train better than you lie.”

“Okay, that’s enough,” Jade said, “Did you come to work out or talk junk, Kenya?”

“Obviously, since we’re at the gym, I came to work out, Jade.”

“Okay, good. Jamel was just about to show me how to use the squat machine.”

“The squat machine?”

“Yes, the squat machine.  Which of those syllables is too difficult for you to understand?”

“Ewwww, what’s got you acting extra bitchy this morning?”

“Just your childish demeanor, as usual.  Now can we get started?”

“Sure, Jade. Whatever you want.”

“Thank you.  Can you place 25 pounds on the left side of the squat bar?  I’ll add 25 to the right side.”

“Who do you think is about to squat with 50 pounds?  Not me.  I don’t want to look like a man.”

“First of all, the squat machine is for your glutes and quads.  Not your arms, and you are not going to end up looking like a man after one day of doing the squat machine.  Women that body build train extra, extra hard to look that way.”

“Oh, so you were listening to my conversation about bodybuilding?” Jamel joked.

Jade laughed.

“Yes, I was listening,” she smiled.

“Well,” Kenya began, “I still think 50 pounds is too much for us to be starting with.  Do you even know what you’re doing?”

“Aside from getting tired of your mouth, yes I know what I’m doing. I did my research.  According to one of Fitmelle’s For Beginners Blogs, you want to start with a weight that pushes you but doesn’t cause you to injure yourself.   So, considering I can lift 30 pounds by myself when I’m moving boxes at Delectables, I’m assuming 50 will be a challenge but not too strenuous. “

“If you say so.  50 pounds is a long way from 30 pounds though.  How bout I just watch you and do the next round with about 25 pounds.”

“25 pounds total?”


“Kenya, the bar weighs 25 pounds by itself.  Did you come here to work out or  to just look cute?”

“Aww, you think I look cute?”

“Oh, my God!  You’re intolerable.  Can you at least spot me?”

“How do I do that?” Kenya asked.

Jade took a deep breath before answering her sister.  Kenya had to admit getting on Jade’s nerves had always been one of her favorite pastimes.

“Never mind, Jamel can you spot me please?”

“Of course, go ahead and get in position.”

“Thanks. I want to do ten reps before I stop.”

“Ten reps?  You’re going to kill yourself.  You should start with five,” Kenya warned.

“No, Kenya! Five reps are not going to do anything.  I’m trying to get results before Mama and Daddy’s party.  Aren’t’ you?”

“Yea, I guess so.  But I don’t know how this is gonna help.”

“Have you listened to anything I said about the squat machine?  Squats will help you build a booty.  Isn’t that your goal?”

“Yes, Jade. It’s my goal.  Are you gonna get in position or not?”

“Finally, we’re getting somewhere.”

Jade gently placed the bar against her shoulders and assumed the squat position.  After doing one rep, she realized she was right, 50 pounds wasn’t too heavy, but by rep eight she had to push herself to complete the last two reps.  Kenya watched as Jade finished her first set and placed the bar back on the holster.

“Oh, so I bet you think you was doing something?”

“Apparently you do since you’re commenting on it,” Jade smirked, “Do you want to try?”

“I think I’ll just keep watching you.  After all, you’re doing such a great job.”

Kenya flashed Jade an insincere smile, which Jade seemed to ignore.   She never was impressed by Kenya’s sarcasm.

“So, remind me why you came here again?”

“I’m going to work-out, Jade.  Damn, just give me a sec to get warmed up.”

“Well, most people warm up by actually doing some type of physical activity, but okay whatever you say,” Jade said turning her attention from Kenya to Jamel, “Was my form okay?”

“For the most part.  You just need to bend at the knees and stick your glutes out a little bit more.  Like you’re about to sit down in a chair.”

Jade replaced the bar and stepped away from the machine.   Okay, will you show me?”

“Yes! Please show us the right way,“ Kenya began, “I tried to tell my sister that she didn’t know what she was doing.”

Jade glared at Kenya.  Her eyes said she wished she could smack her, but luckily for Kenya Jade had never been the type to make a scene.  Instead, she was known as a monument of class and control. Jamel chuckled as Jade rolled her eyes at her sister and took a deep breath.

“Yes, I’ll show you,” he said, “so, your form, as far as wrapping your hands around the bar, was good.  You want to let the bar rest gently on the lower part of your neck, which you also did well.”

“Thanks.  I’ve had a good teacher,” Jade said smiling intently at Jamel.

Kenya watched as he smiled at Jade and kept his gaze focused on her.   Uggh! Everybody loves Jade.

“Like I was saying,” Jamel continued, “the key is to bend at the knee and to stick your butt out like you’re about to sit down in a chair.  It should be one smooth motion.”

“Oh, okay.  I see what you mean.” Jade said.  Kenya noticed that Jade had been watching Jamel’s every move.  She was finding it hard to tell if Jade was genuinely interested in correcting her form or if she was truly interested in the view.  She decided that the latter could work to her advantage.

“Ok, now let me see you try,”  Jamel said stepping back from the machine and allowing Jade to take his place.   Kenya wondered if they even remembered she was still standing there.

“I think, I’d like to try,” she said.

“I thought you only wanted to watch?” Jade asked.

“Oh, I think I’ve watched enough.  Besides, since there’s a professional here, I want to be sure I’m doing it right.”

“Of course, you do, Kenya.  Here you go.”

Jade stepped to the side and Kenya approached the machine.  Now Jamel’s attention was on her.

“I think I should remove some of the weight before we start.  50 pounds will be way too heavy for me.”

“Okay, I’ll take 10 pounds off each side for you.”

“Thank you,” Kenya said trying to sound sweet and innocent, neither of which she was.

“Alright, try it now. And remember what I said about bending at the knee and sticking your glutes out.”

“Okay, I think I’ve got it.”

Jade watched as Kenya struggled to lift the bar.  Kenya couldn’t help but notice Jade’s annoyance when Jamel rushed to assist Kenya with her reps.  Jamel cheered her on as she approached rep ten.

“Good job, Kenya,” he said as he replaced the bar.

“Thanks.  I couldn’t have done it without your help.

Kenya playfully tapped him on his chest, but Jamel acted as if he didn’t notice.

“You have excellent form too.”

Kenya smiled. She was enjoying Jamel’s attention.  For a moment, she thought he was enjoying her’s too, but before she could say another word, he had returned his attention to Jade.

“Jade, why don’t you try now?”


Jade added the additional ten pounds back to each side and then commenced to complete her set.

“That’s good but try to go a little bit lower.”

“Like this?”  she asked squatting maybe an inch lower than she had the previous rep.

“Yes, that’s perfect,” Jamel beamed, “Good Job.  Give me two more reps, and you’ll be done.”

Kenya stood with her hands crossed, covered in annoyance as she watched another man give all his attention to Jade.

“Well,” Jamel said, “Looks like my work here is done.  You ladies are now officially using the squat machine correctly.”

“Great! Thank you so much for your help,” Jade smiled.

“You’re welcome.  It was my pleasure.”

Jamel and Jade stood looking into each other’s eyes.  Kenya watched as the seemed to have forgotten that anyone else was at the gym.  Damn, he is really feeling her.

“You do know she’s married, right?”

Yep, that definitely broke his trance.

“Yes, of course.  A classy woman like your sister is always upfront about her home life.”

“Right. So then why are you still hanging around?”

“It’s called friendship, Kenya.   Jade, I guess I’ll talk to you a little later.”

“Okay, Jamel.  Sorry about her.”

“It’s fine,” he said gently caressing her hand.  “It was nice meeting you, Kenya.”

“Yeah, I’m sure it was.”

Jamel walked away and headed towards the free weights.  Both Kenya and Jade watched as his calf muscles flexed across the gym.  Kenya couldn’t help but noticed that Jade seemed annoyed that Jamel gave her his card.

“Did you really have to say that to him?” Jade hissed.

“What?  Someone needed to remind you that you’re married.”

“I know  I’m married, Kenya! Jamel and I are just friends.”

“How you gonna be friends with a man that damn fine?!?”

“He’s fine?  I hadn’t noticed.”

“Yeah, right.  You’re married, but you ain’t blind.”

“Or maybe, I see more than physical features when I’m interacting with someone.

“I do too, but I also see what’s physically speaking to me.”

“Maybe that’s your problem with men.  Something is always physically speaking to you.”

Jade’s voice trailed off as she began to run on the treadmill.   Kenya watched their reflections in the mirror.  Jade was doing the same; only she was looking at Jamel’s reflection and not her own.  He appeared to be looking at her too.  At first, Kenya was bothered.  For once she would have liked for the male attention to be given to her, but then she realized that Jamel’s attraction to Jade might be more beneficial.

“Jade, if you stare at him any harder, you’re going to burn a hole through the mirror.”

“I’m not staring at him.”

“Yes, the hell you are.  And he’s staring at you too. Yall like each other.”

“Like each other?  What are we, 12?  He’s just been helping me cause my workout partner doesn’t usually show up, and when she does, she doesn’t even work out.”

“Whatever.  I’m working out now, and I come when I can.  But chill, I guess it’s nothing wrong with you having a side boo.”

“A side boo?  As usual, you see things through a whorish lens.  Jamel is not my side boo.  I’m a married woman, and I take my vows seriously.”

“Did you just call me a whore?”

“I did not,” Jade said gasping for breath, “I said you see things through a whorish lens.”

“And that means you’re calling me a whore.”

“Oh, my God!  I am not calling you a whore, and I don’t care if you are a whore. I was merely making the point that nothing is going on between Jamel and me.

“ And I was merely making the point that it would be okay for you to have a side boo since Dominic probably has one too.”

Jade stopped running and pulled the stop cord on the treadmill.

“Why would you say that?”

“Because yall have been together for almost two decades now and you’ve gained a lot of weight.  I mean a lot! So I’m sure he’s found someone thinner, prettier, whiter.”

“Whiter?  Kenya, please.  Dom would never cheat on me and especially not with a white woman.”

“All I’m saying is that you finding you a gym boo ain’t a bad look.  I’m sure Dom is doing the same.“

“You don’t know what you’re talking about.  You’re just trying to upset me cause you think I was calling you a whore.”

“Ha! I ain’t worried about you thinking I’m a whore.  I’m good wit mine. I’m trying to help you be good with yours.

“I am good with mine.  I’m a happily married woman.”

“Oh, really?  And where is that loving husband of yours?”

“Not like it’s any of your business, but he’s out of town on a business trip.”

“In California?”

“Yes,” Jade said, pausing for a moment. “How did you know that?”

“Cause California is the perfect place to take your mistress.  It’s on the other side of the country, and you and Dom don’t know anyone there. Do you?”

“I trust my husband, Kenya.”

“I know you do.  I’m just saying maybe you shouldn’t.”

“You’re unbelievable! Dom and I have never wronged you, yet you’d do anything to destroy us.”

Damn right I would!

“That’s not true.  I’m telling you this because I care about you.”

“Right, you care about me so much that you’re telling me my husband is cheating on me in the middle of the freakin gym.”

“Well, there’s no time like the present.”

“You are a pitiful excuse of a sister.  Just stay the hell away from me.”

“I was only trying to help, Jade.”

“Please.  You only care about helping your damn self.”

Jade grabbed her water bottle and stormed out of the gym.  Kenya watched as Jade’s BMW peeled out of the parking lot.  She couldn’t help but smile.  Phase 1 of her plan went exactly as planned. She laughed to herself as she took out her phone to text Dom.

Kenya 8:32 am

I just hinted to Jade that you might be having an affair.

Dom 8:33 am

WTF?!?!  Why would you do that?  You know it’s not true!

Kenya 8:34 am

All I know is you haven’t wired me my 10 grand yet.

Dom: 8:35 am

Damn! That’s why she’s been blowing my phone up for the last five minutes.

Ha!  I knew I got to her!

Kenya 8:36 am

Probably so.   Now about my money…

Dom: 8:35 am

SMH.  You’re so messy.

See if you get a dime from me now.

Kenya 8:36 am

Oh, I’m still getting my money.


Either you wire it to me in 48 hours, or I’ll tell Jade everything.

From Dom:  8:37 am

You already did.

Kenya 8:38 am

No, I planted the seed that you might be having an affair.  It’s nothing you can’t wiggle your way out of if your talk game is any good.

But if you don’t send me my money asap, I’ll tell her who you really are.

Dom 8:39 am

Who I really am?  IDK what you’re talking about.

Kenya pulled up the video of LJ and Dom and sent it to him.

Kenya 8:41

This conversation makes it sound like you’re a whole nother you.  I wonder how Jade would feel about it?

Dom: 8:42 am

I swear to God, Kenya, you will get what you deserve for this.

Kenya 8:43 am

I know I will.  A new booty is otw. Thanks to you.  ?

48 hours, Dom.  Or Else

Dom 8:44 am

Don’t threaten me.

Kenya 8:45 am

Like I said…48 hours or else.

Kenya closed her messaging app and placed her phone in her pocket.  She smiled at how victorious her morning had been.  She’d found out about Jade’s gym boo, alerted Jade to Dom’s make-believe affair, and shown Dom that she meant business.   It’s finally happening! She thought.  Jade’s world is about to come crumbling down.   Kenya was proud of herself.  She’d figured out a way to get her butt lift while also destroying Jade’s world.  To Kenya, Jade’s demise is everything.  It’s priceless.

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  • tammy says:

    Kenya is an ass!!! Can’t wait to see what’s coming to her! I like how you weaved your beginners blog in there 🙂 I can see your training style all over this story line. Very nice.

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