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Kenya arrived at A Spot in Phoenix around 8:30 pm.  She and Phoenix haven’t seen each other since their falling out three weeks ago, but that didn’t stop her from coming here tonight. Nope! She ignored the fact that she missed him and focused on finding out what her brother-in-law was up too.  She checked herself in the mirror. Her make-up was flawless. Even her smokey eyes looked like they were professionally done. Her fake eyelashes were perfectly in place, and her long, red, curly wig was bouncing off her shoulders. She looked nothing like herself, but that was the goal.

She’d been sitting in the car waiting on Dominic for at least 30 minutes now. She was beginning to think he wasn’t going to show when he confidently strolled into the bar. He and Phoenix dapped each other up and shared a quick laugh. Kenya was shocked to see that they knew each other. She and Phoenix had talked about her sister and brother-in-law, but she had always called them just that—her sister and brother-in-law.

Kenya checked herself in the mirror again. Since Phoenix is there and he’s also friends with Dom, or at least acquaintances, she had to be sure that neither of them would recognize her or else her plan, and the $300 she spent on her getup, was all for nothing. She stepped out of her ‘98 Lexus ES300 in red Nine West pumps and black leather leggings. Kenya herself would never be caught in leather leggings, but for tonight she figured she should wear anything that she normally wouldn’t wear. The top half of her body was barely comforted by a red halter top. Her flat stomach was left out to wave at anyone that was looking. Kenya has a killer waste line even though there are no curves to accompany it.

Soon, she thought, I’ll have the money to add curves to my straight lined physic, and Dominic is going to pay for it, once I blackmail him for my silence! Kenya smirked as she slid quietly into the booth behind Dominic’s. He was sitting with his back to her, so there was no chance of him recognizing who she was. Kenya sat patiently waiting for LJ to arrive. Soon a waitress came up and asked if she could get her anything. She ordered a Henny on the rocs and then sent the waitress on her way. To her surprise, Phoenix was the one that delivered the drink to her table.

“Here you go, Mam. A Henny on the rocs. “

“Thank you,” Kenya said sliding the drink over to her and avoiding eye contact.

“Is there anything else I can get you?”

“No, sir. This is fine. Thank You.” Kenya tried to keep her voice soft as she spoke. She couldn’t risk Phoenix recognizing her voice.

“Okay, well just let us know if you need anything.”

“I will. Thank you.”

Kenya was still looking straight ahead. Phoenix had returned to his position behind the bar. He and Kenya’s eyes were both glued to the door as LJ sashayed in. Her skin is a hazelnut complexion and looks as if it is glowing. Her hair is long, and real, and hangs just past her chest.

She is wearing a fitted burgundy dress. It hugs her 36-inch hips, plumps out her 36Ds, and screams that she has a 24inch waistline. This woman has the body that Kenya dreams about, and she is flaunting it. All the men watch as her hips swish swash all the way to Dominic’s table. She slides in the booth with him, flashing him a million-dollar smile as she removes her Gucci shades to show her big brown eyes.

Damn, Sis. You ain’t got nothin on this chic! Kenya thought as LJ took her seat.

“Hello, Dominic.”

“Hello, LJ.”

“You’re still handsome as ever.”

“And you’re still beautiful. But cut the small talk. What do you want?”

“Aren’t you happy to see me, Baby? It’s been a long time.”

“It’s been a long time cause I wanted it that way.”

“I never understood you, you know.”

LJ sat back in the booth and motioned for the waitress to come over. Soon the same short-haired, thick chic that had just waited on Kenya was standing at LJ’s table.

“Let me get two honey whiskeys,” she said smiling at Dominic with lascivious eyes; she never looked at the waitress once.

Kenya continued to watch LJ and Dom from her booth. She was pretending to play a game on her phone, but she was actually recording their interaction. It didn’t matter to her that she couldn’t see Dom’s face. She could definitely hear his voice.

“Yes, Mam, coming right up.” The waitress said before hurrying back to the bar.

Kenya glanced her way and was pleasantly surprised to find Phoenix looking at her until she remembered she was wearing a disguise. If he comes over here and hits on me while I’m dressed like this, I swear to God! I’ll ring his F’n neck!

“Whiskey is still your favorite isn’t it?” LJ asked sliding her hand across the table to touch Dom’s. He quickly jerked his hand back before answering her.

“It is still my favorite. My wife’s too.”

LJ set back in her seat and frowned.

“You had to bring up the wife.”

“You seemed like you needed a reminder.”

“No, you seem like you need a reminder. Don’t you remember what life was like when we were together? Extensive bank accounts, long vacations, and late nights with you swimming inside of me.”

“LJ, what do you want? You said it was important and that it’s about my Mama, so what is it?”

His Mama? But I thought Jade said both of his parents died in a car accident when he was five.

“Damn, I just wanted to take a stroll down memory lane, but I see this wife of yours has got you all uptight.”

“This has nothing to do with, Jade. I just don’t have much patience for you?”

“No? I remember you used to have a lot of patience for me. And by the way you’re struggling to keep your eyes focused on mine, you remember how patient you used to be with my body too. Especially when we were on the beaches in Hawaii.”

“LJ, obviously you just came here to play games, which I don’t have time for. So, if you’ll excuse me.”

Dominic stood up to leave just as the waitress returned with their drinks. She placed them on the table and then quickly walked off.

“You’re not going to leave before having a drink with me, are you Dom?”

Dom sat back down and took a sip of his drink.

“Are you going to stop playing games and tell me what you really want?”

LJ rolled her eyes in annoyance but finally said yes.

“Dom, I found it.”

“You found what?”

“It! I finally found where it’s hidden, and I need your key so we can open it.”

“I no longer have my key. When I came to North Carolina, I searched for it and never found it, so I got rid of the key. It’s worthless.

There’s nothing to find. It’s just a family myth.”

Dominic picked up his drink and took a long hard sip. Kenya couldn’t help but wonder if he was trying to swallow his lies.

“You may not have found it, but I have. And it’s Ma Mary’s dying wish that we retrieve it and bring it back home to Cali.”

Cali, as in California? I thought Dom was from Chicago? Kenya contemplated this new information as she continued to record LJ.

“Did you say dying wish?”

“Yes, Dominic. Your mother is dying.”

Oh my God! This is so delicious! Dominic’s been lying to Jade all along!

“Dying of what?”

“The doctors don’t know. They’ve run every test in the world, but they all come back negative.” LJ paused to take a sip of her drink and then continued. “She’s been asking for you.”

Dom didn’t say anything at first. He just sat there motionless, with his finger tracing the rim of his whiskey glass.

“I will make plans to come see her next week.”

“See. There’s the Dominic Jackson I know. “

“It’s Jacobs.”

What? Dom has a different last name! OMG! This just keeps getting better!

“Oh, whatever DJ, I know who you are. It’s your new fake wife that doesn’t.”

“She’s my real wife.”

“Yea, I guess she is since you didn’t leave her behind with nothing but an engagement ring minus the fiancé.”

“LJ, we wouldn’t have worked. We want two different things. You know that.”

“We would’ve worked just fine. We were working just fine. If you could’ve just wanted the family business as much as I did.”

“But I didn’t. And you chose it over us.”

“No, you chose to run away. To try and escape us. But you can’t. We’re who you really are. Can you even tell little Mrs. Jade Jacobs how your family honestly made their millions?”

“Are we done here?” Dominic asked coldly.

“No, like I told you. I need your key, and I don’t believe you got rid of it.”

“I told you I don’t have it anymore. It was worthless anyway.”

“It’s not worthless. Ma Mary wants it, and I will deliver it before she takes her last breath.”

“If you say so, LJ.”

“I do say so,” she said throwing her head back and taking her last shot of whiskey, “You just make sure your butt is in Cali next week.

Please don’t disappoint Ma Mary again.”

Dominic slammed his fist on the table. No doubt, before he realized his anger was showing itself. He leaned over towards LJ and began to whisper.

“I did not disappoint my Mama. She understood why I had to leave. Why I had to escape, and she wanted me to.”

“Sure, she did. She wanted her last living son to disappear and never call, write, or visit. Yes, that’s the type of loyalty every mother wants from her son. But you keep telling yourself that if that’s what helps you live this fake ass life.”

“LJ, just go.”

“Aww, what’s wrong, Baby. You’re not used to a real woman telling you the truth?”

LJ slid out of her booth and walked over to Dominic. She kissed him on his cheek and then whispered something in his ear before she sashayed out of A Spot In Phoenix leaving everyone watching her go. Kenya couldn’t help but stare. She was so shocked at everything she had heard that she almost forgot to stop recording. Just as she put her phone down and was ready to leave, Phoenix joined Dom in his booth.

“Hey, Man. Is that the problem you were talking about?” he asked pointing to the door.

“Yeah,” Dominic said shaking his head and rubbing his palm over his eyes.

“Damn, Man. If your problems are that fine what do your good issues look like?”

“Bruh, her beauty is nothing compared to the insanity that lives in her mind.”

“The fine one’s usually are crazy.”


“But, Man, a problem that beautiful isn’t going to disappear easily.”

Phoenix patted Dominic on the shoulder and then headed back to the bar. Soon after, Dominic paid his tab and left. Kenya decided she should wait a few minutes before leaving out and started digging in her purse for her compact. When she looked up, Phoenix was seated at her table.

“So, you really thought I wouldn’t know it was you?”

Shoot! He recognizes me. I’m just going to act like I don’t know what he’s talking about.

“I’m sorry. You must have me confused with someone else. We’ve never met before tonight.”

“Kenya, I’ve met every part of you,” he said smiling, “you know you could have just come in and said you missed me. You didn’t have to go through all of this trouble.”

“What the hell! Boy, Bye! This wasn’t for you.”

“Then who was it for?”

Kenya sat silently for a moment while she tried to come up with a lie.

“A friend of mine thought her boyfriend was cheating on her, so she asked me to spy on him. I needed the extra cash, so I agreed to do it.

Crazy. I know.”

“What friend?”

“No one you know.”

“Right, cause you’re making it up.”

“Don’t flatter yourself, Phoenix. I haven’t even thought about you for the last three weeks.”

“Word, you’ve been keeping track of how long it’s been since you’ve seen me, huh? Aw, you really do miss me.”

“Ain’t nobody missing you. Look, I gotta go,” Kenya said hastily getting up from her booth.

“Can I call you later?”

Yes, you can call me!

“No, you ain’t called for this long, so don’t bother calling now.”

Kenya left Phoenix sitting there alone and headed for the parking lot. As she walked to her car, she wondered if all the men were as focused on her exit as they were on LJ’s. Probably not, she thought, her body is so much better than mine. But it’s okay. I’ll have the money to improve my body soon enough.

Kenya hopped in her car and replayed the video. A huge smile spread across her face. Dominic would pay her whatever she wanted to keep this video out of Jade’s reach. Kenya laughed out loud at her latest accomplishment. This video will not only pay for my butt lift, but it’ll also make me residual income. I can hold this over Dom’s head for the rest of our lives! Ha! Today was a damn delicious day!


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